Ecerium operates for developers and companies by providing high-end digital solutions. Based on our own microservices platform, better known as “Ecerium Elements”.

Our Ecerium Elements

The Ecerium Elements are unique pieces which fit in your puzzle. Integrate and combine them as you like to create your digital solution.

Authentication Element
Recognize and register people on your platform. Know each individual and give them rights to use their personal accounts and available features.
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MCM Element
Use this Ecerium Element for a wide range of notifications. SMS, Voice To Speech, Letter, Registered Letters or E-mail, it’s all possible.
Licensing Element
 Sometimes only the possibility of creating an account doesn’t do the trick. Provide all kinds of paying and non-paying licenses to the different accounts of your service.
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PDF Element
Free of use, this Element generates contracts, invoices and other template-based documents in a couple of minutes and saves you a lot of time and money.
FAQ Element
Improve customer service by providing answers to frequently asked questions in an separate section
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Credit Element
Implement credits to use as a payment method for purchases on your platform.
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Authorization Element
The authorization services allows role management, permissions and features to users and applications. An overview helps to keep track of your authorizations.
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Action Log Element
This Element allows you to make a simple and chronological history of actions. Allowing you to track actions and those who executed them.
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Archiving Element
Archiving as a service to preserve and secure valuable documents and files
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Multi Factor Authentication
The required tools to easily authenticate users through multi factor authentication.  
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Profile Element
Create user profiles to register the clients of your own service
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Auditing Element
Get information, track events and extract statistics by using the auditing service
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Blog Element
This Element facilitates tools to publish, manage and arrange blog related content
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CSV Import Element
An easy way to configure CSV imports. Process and organize this data in a common format for comparison between different imports
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Invoicing Element
Send invoices to recipients, collect receivables and manage the cash flow
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Secure Storage Element
This service permits you to store and manage sensitive information in a highly secured environment
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Workflow Element
Define a workflow of actions that need to be performed in the correct order. Automatically setup these workflows based on a certain set of conditions.
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A question you have

Need more information about Ecerium or our elements? Feel free to contact us for inquiries.

Notification Element
PDF Generation Element
Ecerium Platform

Our Products

Based on our own Ecerium Elements we developed a lot of ready-to-use digital solutions. Discover them below.



Send letters online

Manually sending letters is expensive and time-consuming. Postbird makes it possible to send real letters, registered letters and invoices from behind the computer. Send 10, 100 or 1.000 letters delivered with just a single click. Integrate Postbird with your own software or accounting package and upgrade your organisation to the next level!

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The perfect tool for managing your invoice collection.

A complete solution that saves time and increases the company’s revenue. Rependio offers a multichannel approach and tailored workflows to automatically manage credit collection. Allowing companies to focus on the individual problems of debtors, which results in a positive image and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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Online banking simplified

The world of banking is nowadays confronted with multiple challenges like customer and capital retention and very demanding customers. Our solution is a flexible system whereby you can launch innovative and efficient banking solutions. The perfect tool for expanding your customer portfolio in a fast moving world.

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Making your life easy

Many hands make light work. Whatever digital solution you have in mind, our development team consists of the best experts specialized in different fields which guarantees a high quality product.

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